-"The only constant in the universe is change."



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A collection of adventurous musicians known as ‘Everchange’ has risen from the ashes of  90’s powerhouse Psyclone and experimental blues/rock trio Spoonful.  At this point in each member’s musical career, their aim is simple:   have a great time in the hottest local clubs offering up the best recent rock, occasionally letting their classic rock roots show.  Artists like Audioslave, the Foo Fighters, and Our Lady Peace mixed with other late 90’s /early ’00 artists too numerous to list make up the soundtrack of an “Everchange” show. 


Joe Hosey, Lead Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Joe cut his teeth as the lead vocalist/guitarist for the Change in the mid 80’s, and is known most recently as the driving creative force behind Psyclone, a band which cut a swath of intense, deeply poetic alternative rock through the grunge wasteland of the early 90’s.  Psyclone reached it’s pinnacle in  ’93 with a CD release on an independent label- a powerful effort that picked up steam in the Northwestern Pa/Eastern OH areas but struggled to reach an audience beyond, marking the end times for one of Erie’s premier hard rock acts.  Joe’s role is part Pied Piper, part Thor, god of thunder-  He will soothe with his powerful voice, and then knock you out with the hammer he is holding where his guitar should be…smiling all the while.

Kevin Teed, Bass, Vocals

Kevin’s dedication to the rhythm section of the Change in the ‘80s, Blue Spiders in the ‘90s (including a brief stint with members of Hear No Evil) and, most recently, Spoonful, is remarkable considering the style of each act varied from heavy rock to swing/jump blues and back again.  His brand of bass technique and tone, heavily influenced by John Paul Jones, effortlessly allows Everchange’s material to take on many forms. He’ll impress with finesse, then simply kick your ass as the situation calls for it.

Bob Zurn, Drums

Although hailing from the same geographical area as Mark and Kevin, Bob managed to avoid being part of the Change in the mid ’80s, choosing, rather, to become a founding member of Cyrus Troll which took the Edinboro area on a musical acid trip.  The Troll  turned heads during it’s all too brief  stint as the local purveyors of  psychedelic rock (heavily influenced by the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ era Pink Floyd) with a live presentation that rivaled Iggy Pop’s early antics.  Joining forces with Spoonful in the ‘90s kept Bob’s skills up to speed, but he was driven close to insanity by the basic swing background of the blues material that made up most of Spoonful’s set.  Catch him live with Everchange and see the real rhythm junkie unleashed…he was born to play this gig.



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